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What it takes:

I used to think that all I needed was a lot of training to get the the finish line. After several very long walks of shame, when my body just could not continue, I decided I should look into what it really takes to finish.

And what it takes to get me to the finish line is the RIGHT nutrition, hydration and training plan.

Oxygen from Oxygen4Energy has been a surprise yet vital part of my training. The oxygen gives me the energy to get through my grueling workout regimen, gives me an extra step during interval training and helps me recover faster so that I can go into each workout feeling fresh! The oxygen is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for my recovery plan. I am no longer a teenager or a 20 year old. In order to balance training, family, and work it is absolutely important to make sure I can recover from my workouts quickly and be fresh for the next day's challenges. The oxygen is definitely the best recovery product I have ever used. If you are an athlete who believes in the concept of training smarter, not longer, the oxygen from should be an integral part of your training without a doubt!

Gu energy products give me the needed fuel to train properly and finish strong in my races. I tried other products, some did not sit well in my stomach, others I had to dilute in order for it to work right, while still other products simply did not work at all. I am a firm believer in Gu. By using Gu in my training, racing, and recovery I have seen dramatic improvements in my races and how I generally feel after and before my workouts.

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